AR-T Walk Orange Augmented Reality Art Trail APP

The app and virtual art trail exhibit art created by young people of Orange.

The project, in partnership with the Australian Government, has been developed to showcase young peoples’ artworks that often depict and explore themes to increase tolerance, inclusivity and diversity. The app unlocks a new reality and allows viewers to experience art differently and hear the artist’s story behind the creation of the work.

Just down load the app, use your smart phone and scan over the picture to reveal the artwork and hear a story from the artists.



Once the App is uploaded viewers will walk the trail of markers across the CBD to view the works. Viewers will scan the QR code on the marker and the art works will emerge, along with a description of the work by the artist.


The funding came from the Safer Communities Fund Round Four grant for a project named Stronger Together. $385,262 from 2020-2022 The grant provided funding to create a safer community by educating and protecting young people from risk of attack, harassment or violence stemming from racial or religious intolerance.

Orange Youth Services have provided a range of education and safety projects since 2020 at the Orange Youth Hub and the Unlock Orange App project is the final project in the program. The artists were given a brief of developing an artwork which depicts or has a theme of promoting tolerance, inclusivity and diversity. Most of the artists have been involved in the program across the grant period.

Using a new technology which will allow further works to be up loaded at various intervals, the App will reach a broad audience.

Local young artists and schools are engaged to continue to provide works and discuss the themes of tolerance, inclusion and diversity. The works will be swapped at various intervals over the next few years. There will be 10 works in total available at any one time.

There are 5 works available to launch the App and the other 5 works will be installed and uploaded in the next 2 weeks (as at 2 May 2022).