Brushes with Bushrangers

Autumn is the season to remember another interesting era in Forbes’ history, for it is the birthday and anniversary of the death of one of our more notorious residents – the infamous Ben Hall. 

Hall was born in Maitland on 11 May 1837. He was shot down by police 5 May 1865, six days before his 28th birthday with his final resting place in Forbes Cemetery.  

So many stories surround this young bushranger who held up coaches carrying gold during the rush years. 

Whilst in the area make sure you visit the various haunts of his history – stop at Escort Rock where Cobb and Co coaches loaded with treasure wrested from the local gold fields were held up at gunpoint, visit the caves in the Weddin Mountains where he and his gang hid from the police troopers. Visit the area where he farmed, see where his final gun fight was held, pay your respects at his gravesite in Forbes cemetery.  

There are, in fact, quite a few historical graves to visit whilst there – Ned Kelly’s sister Kate Foster to name just one. Pick up the Ben Hall Drive Tour and Historical Graves Walk brochure from the Forbes Visitor Information Centre. 

GO to the HERITAGE map and selection the theme ‘Bushrangers’ for all the spots.

Story and image from Forbes Shire Council