Caragabal Bird Art Project

This beautiful new artwork is located along the Mid-Western Highway in the small, rural village of Caragabal in Central West NSW. Completed in 2020, it aims to celebrate the unique local bird life at Caragabal and raise awareness of local threatened species.

There is a distinct change in the landscape, soil and vegetation from the east to the west of Caragabal, which creates a terrific diversity in the bird species seen here.

The Caragabal Bird Art Project was first envisioned by Cr. Phillip Diprose who was inspired by Camila De Gregorio and Christopher Macaluso, designers and birders who visit his nearby property to conduct bird surveys. When invited to speak to the children at Caragabal Public School, Cr. Diprose decided to pitch his idea to local students. They loved it!

A partnership then formed between Caragabal Public School, the Caragabal Progress Group and Weddin Landcare to bring the project idea to life, with generous input from local community members and businesses.

The project was also proudly supported by Central West Local Land Services; Resilient Communities Small Grants program. This funding is made available through the NSW Government. The landowner, Trevor McDonald, kindly allowed the artwork to be displayed on his shed.
Primary students from Caragabal Public School researched the local bird species and then voted on which birds should be included on the artwork, based on ‘pitch’ presentations given by the students to their classmates.

The students were very engaged in this project, with some students even begging to work on “their birds” during lunchtime!
The artwork was designed by Eggpicnic, a Sydney based design studio operated by Camila De Gregorio and Christopher Macaluso, which is devoted to wildlife conservation.

Camila and Chris were incredibly supportive of this project, being one of the first of their major artworks outside of Sydney.
This wonderful, collaborative effort has resulted in an inspiring and meaningful flock in a location like no other!

Info sheet including bird info

Images: Weddin Landcare