Collecting local history stories

Orange City Council is on the lookout for members of the community to share untold stories of previous generations and events in Orange’s history.

Whether it be a great grandmother that lived through the Templers Mill era or a child who can recall stories told by their parents about the Wentworth Mine, we want to hear it. The project will see a number of trained volunteers meet with community members who are willing to share their stories to be recorded at the Orange City Library. In special circumstances volunteers may conduct interviews in people’s own homes.
Orange City Council is seeking community members to share stories about: • Banjo Paterson Park and memories of the day Templers Mill came down • The Springs; an 1920s – 1930s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Fringe Camp • The establishment of Food Of Orange District (F.O.O.D) Week • Wentworth Main Mine at Lucknow or mining at Lucknow.
As data begins to build, shared stories will be published on an online website, Amplify or interested persons can listen to the audio at the Orange City Library. If you would like to be involved or have a story, email