Education: Bathurst cultural facilities education resources

Bathurst’s cultural facilities – BMEC, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and Museums Bathurst – have put together a marketing tool called ‘Education 2024’, a year-long program that will give students (K – Yr 12) right across the region (and beyond) the opportunity to access quality arts and cultural experiences- all  tied to next year’s curriculum.

Driven by Jonothan Llewelyn at BMEC, Content comes from

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

BMEC Bathurst

Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

Bathurst Rail Museum

Chifley Home & Education Centre

National Motor Racing Museum

“Bathurst offers an amazing array of education excursion options to enrich the learning of your students across multiple areas of the curriculum. This document focuses on
performing arts experiences at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC) and visual arts experiences at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG). It also has information from
Museums Bathurst which includes Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, Bathurst Rail Museum, Chifley Home and Education Centre, and the National Motor Racing Museum.
Collectively the cultural facilities of Bathurst Regional Council are contributing to the education hub that Bathurst has become,” the document says.

“This document is in chronological order to make it easy to navigate. Programs that are on offer year-round are up first, followed by what’s available term by term. Each program identifies what extras are on offer such as teaching resources and additional activities, and the links to the NSW curriculum across multiple subjects. We offer arts and cultural experiences for students from Early Stage 1 through to Stage 6 covering subjects in CAPA, English, HSIE, Science and Technology. Each activity has clearly marked key information
such as suitability, dates and times, costs, how to book, and any themes that you need to know about in advance.”

Here’s a link to the full document.…/BX_Education_brochure_proofv5…