Eugowra welcomes back mural artists

With many of the towns renowned murals destroyed or damaged by floods in November 2022, the annual mural painting weekend returns May 2023.

Eugowra is known as the Village of Murals and prior to the sudden flood was home to 36 murals painted over many years during an annual weekend that brought mural artists and signwriters to the town.

From the Eugowra Village of Murals facebook page:

“Eugowra will be welcoming back our Mural artist and sign writer family to start the restoration and repair of some of our beautiful murals this weekend.

“About 18 visiting painters are expected to arrive to work on saving three of our murals which were damaged as well as creating new signage for our pharmacy which has just reopened. These wonderful artistic friends of Eugowra organised this weekend of sign writing and painting for our town themselves to help our community and its murals get back to where we were before the devastating flood of last November.

“The artists and sign writers are travelling to Eugowra this weekend at their own expense, bringing their own ladders, painting gear, morning teas even their own urn and coffee mugs. Four mural restoration projects will be undertaken this weekend including “The Cars of Yesteryear” mural on Parallel Motors which suffered significant damage in the flood. This mural was removed whilst the building was repaired and has been straightened and will be completely repainted.

“An additional panel is being added to it recording an account of the history of this iconic building which has endured many floods and has housed many essential Eugowra businesses over the past 100 years. This building and its current owners truly represent the resilience of Eugowra and its people. Greg and his family have managed to save this historic building which was severely damaged and we cant wait to see this fantastic ‘Cars of Yesteryear” mural restored and back in its rightful place.

“Come down to the Supermarket this Friday the 5th May and Saturday and Sunday morning to meet and show your appreciation to these beautiful talented bunch and survey their craft.

IMAGE: From Eugowra – Village of Murals | Facebook