Cook Park Guildry

Daily 10am-4pm.

The Park Guildry is one of Oranges hidden Treasures. Its full of beautifully crafted goods made by local people. Among the handcrafted goods sold are ; knitting, sewing, crochet ; pottery, woodwork, leadlight ; painting, leatherwork, jewellery ; card making and much more.

On the cooking side we have ; cakes, slices, biscuits ; chocolates, jams, pickles ; chutneys, mustard, honey. All you have to do is take the label off and pretend you made it yourself.

We have a gift for every occasion and we will make things to order: Hand spun wool garments ; Pottery ; Leatherwork ; Lampshades ; Paintings, Woodwork ; Hand knitted Baby Clothes ; Handmade Children’s Clothing ; Homemade Cakes, Jams, Pickles ; Novelties.

Image: Visit NSW.