Mural celebrates our diverse cultural heritage

A major mural by Wiradyuri artist Birrunga Wiradyuri has been installed on the Post Office Building on Howick Street Bathurst as part of the Streets As Shared Spaces Program.

Bathurst Regional Mayor Robert Taylor said the ambitious mural project marks a significant moment for Bathurst.

“Public art is all about storytelling and connection to place. This mural tells an important creation story, highlights the role native bees play in the environment, and celebrates the diverse cultural heritage of our community,” he said.

The mural was painted by Birrunga Wiradyuri with Kane Brunjes and Stevie O’Chin, young First Nations artists who Birrunga mentors through the Birrunga Gallery’s three-year Cultural Creative Residential program. This mural was undertaken in consultation and collaboration with the Bathurst Wiradyuri Elders, the Traditional Custodians of the Bathurst region.

Birrunga Wiradyuri’s mural tells the creation story of the blue banded bee as told to him by his Elders:

The bees come from gibirrgan (the southern cross). They fall down to earth from these stars and when they first begin falling from the sky, they are bright white balls of light. As they fall and get closer to earth they become glowing golden balls and when those golden balls land on earth they become our bees. 

The important role the blue-banded bee plays in the ecosystem holds special significance for the Wiradyuri. Other elements of the mural design explore the five aspects of the Wiradyuri central lore of Yindyamarra: to do slowly – to be polite – to be gentle – to honour – to respect.

Council received $767,884 grant funding under the NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces (SASS) program to test and pilot new and innovative ideas for streets as safe, shared public spaces.

The program aims to improve public spaces in urban areas to create places for social interaction, improve health and wellbeing, and offer communities a sense of identity and character.

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