New interpretation signage for Wahluu

Following completion of the Mount Panorama Wahluu boardwalk in 2020, Council prepared an Interpretation Plan for the Boardwalk to interpret the natural and cultural (Indigenous and European) heritage of the site and create a coherence to the Boardwalk experience, for both visitors and the local community.The new signage at the Boardwalk lookout represents stage 1 of the Interpretation Plan and seeks to enhance the visitor experience across the top of the Mountain.

The new lookout signage:•

Tells the Wahluu creation story and highlights the cultural significance of the Mountain to the local Wiradjuri.

• Describes Wiradjuri life on the Bathurst Plains before European settlement.

• Examines the early encounters between the Wiradjuri and the Europeans and the survival of the Wiradjuri between two worlds.• Explores settlement of the region by Europeans; highlighting the many ‘firsts’ of the Bathurst Region and lesser known historical facts.

• Highlights how the Mountain became the venue of a world-famous racing track. Stage 1 of the projects also includes additional freestanding signage to be erected at the entries to the Boardwalk in coming weeks

Stage 1 of the project was developed by Council with the assistance of the Bathurst Local Aboriginal Land Council, the Bathurst Wiradyuri Elders and Traditional Owners, and the Bathurst District Historical Society.

Via Bathurst Regional Council