Oberon’s Blue Tree

A very special project and work of public art has come to fruition for the community of Oberon.

The Blue Tree Project is a nationwide initiative acknowledging those who’ve sadly made the decision to commit suicide. The non-living tree is a powerful symbol recognising mental health issues that can lead to this.

Artist Harrie Fasher constructed a huge metal tree which the community painted blue. The tree is erected at Oberon Common and was officially unveiled on May 28.

It’s hoped this project will raise awareness and enable recognition of the signs that friends, family members or residents may be struggling and how a community can offer support.

The tree is a metal sculpture made by local artist Harrie Fasher and there will be opportunity for community contribution at workshops.

“Blue Tree Project focusses on constructing and erecting a symbolic blue metal tree to acknowledge those that may have decided to end their life and draw attention to what we as a community can do to recognise and assist those who may be struggling with mental health.”

Thanks to Blue Tree Project committee, Kathy Sajowitz, Fran Charge and Rural Adversity Mental Health Program’s Sonia Cox.

This project was supported by Arts OutWest through the NSW Government’s Arts Restart package (2021)

This is a project of the Oberon Blue Tree Commitee supported by Oberon Council. Oberon Arts Council and Arts OutWest.

Arts OutWest supported the project with Create NSW Arts Restart funds (2021)