Orange Regional Gallery: Euan Macleod FLUX documentary now online

A documentary accompanying the Orange Regional Gallery exhibition Euan Macleod: FLUX is now available to view on the Gallery’s website, or via their YouTube channel.

Many of the works in the exhibition were painted in situ along the Haupapa Tasman Glacier in Aoraki/ Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand in early 2023. The large scale works were completed in the studio in Macleod’s studio Sydney. The documentary also features the production of Macleod’s astonishing series of over 200 portraits of Geoff Dixon which are included in the exhibition.’

About the Exhibition

Euan Macleod: FLUX

23 March – 2 June 2024

In FLUX, Euan Macleod presents a series of en plein air paintings made on Haupapa Tasman Glacier in New Zealand’s South Island, alongside a suite of studio works whose grand scale emulates their site of inspiration.

Macleod’s fascination with potentially dangerous environments recurs as he paints this sublime and inhospitable world of minerals, rock and ice. His climbers, often alone or linked by a rope to a companion figure or guide are metaphors through which the connection to and reliance on another human being is amplified.

The appearance of displaced or wandering figures is a hallmark of Macleod’s work, radically altering our reading of his paintings as ‘landscapes’. He invites us into a psychological space in which he turns to face his prevailing sense of disquiet. Macleod’s achievement might best align with the words of Scottish mountaineer and poet, Nan Shepherd, when she suggests that in mountain experience “place and mind may interpenetrate till the nature of both is altered.”

Adjoining the glacier paintings are 200 works from an ongoing series Macleod has made of his friend Geoff Dixon. The portraits, created almost daily over the FaceTime app, began in 2021 during Covid lockdowns as a way of maintaining a connection with Geoff, who had recently lost his partner. The two continue to meet regularly with over450 portraits to date.

Euan Macleod: FLUX is an Orange Regional Gallery and ANU Drill Hall Gallery partnership exhibition.

Euan Macleod is represented by King Street Gallery on William, Sydney.


Euan Macleod documentary film still, 2024. Orange Regional Gallery