Public art appearing in Bathurst laneway

Laneways of Central West towns are getting the public art treatment of late.

This is “Light Poles” a mixed media installation, in Machattie Lane (off George St, Bathurst). Each of the eight pillars is manufactured from recycled steel drums, hand laser cut and will produce a live rust finish incorporating solar lighting. There is an Aboriginal story behind each pillar and an overall painting. Signage and interpretation will be developed for the works.

A repost from Bathurst’s @tandbbespokefurniture about the new installation:
“The theme was ‘How the Envronment shapes us and how we shape the environment.’ 🌻🌳🗑
So grateful to have been able to work, learn, teach and laugh with the amazing Kerrie and Bubba Kennedy. So very honored to make art with you both and call you friends 💜”

We’ll be adding this asap to the PUBLIC ART Map at Culture Maps Central NSW