Recovery following the Eugowra November 2022 flood event

Recovery following the Eugowra November 2022 flood event is clearly on the way.

On my travels back from last week’s Lachlan Valley Public Art and Nature Based Strategy meeting at Forbes Town Hall I was enlivened to experience Eugowra’s Mural Trail.

Many of Eugowra’s murals have been restored and re-erected and flood event stories are being told through new public space experiences.

The Central West NSW Culture Maps site is being constantly updated including updates to Eugowra’s cultural offerings.

Eugowra is worth a visit – so check out the maps to plan your next experiences there.

Images here of Eugowra tell some of this recovery story with:

1. The Eugowra Stock and Property ghost sign with a 6-digit landline number revealed (was that pre 1970s?) that was under the Welcome to Eugowra Mural with the Eugowra Escort Rock Robbery Mural in the background. The Welcome to Eugowra Mural has been restored and is now on a freestanding billboard structure.

2. Everyday bins on the side of the Imperial Theatre Move Posters Mural at the Eugowra Newsagency and Supermarket where you can grab some goodies for the trip home.

3. The Escort Rock coach recovered from being slammed into a giant river red gum 200mts down the Mandagery creek during the November 2022 flood event, restored beside the Escort Rock Café – a great place to sit on the new outdoor table and enjoy the sculptural creations made with recycled railway steel by local Aussie Fire Buckets @aussiefirebuckets

4. Rejuvenation and community cheer at the Old post office site across from the restored Old Post Office Mural where you’ll be welcomed at the Fat Parcel Café @THEFATPARCEL

Nicola – Administration and Communications, Arts OutWest